We just want to take a moment to introduce ourselves. See You On The Other Side is Mike Huberty and Wendy Lynn Staats and we have been performing together in the rock trio, Sunspot, for nearly two decades. Based in Madison, Wisconsin, we’ve been traveling North America, playing shows and releasing albums, videos, and DVDs since 1996.

cincinnati music hall
Wendy Lynn and Mike  in front of the haunted Cincinnati Music Hall

Our songs were always a little off… as in, we don’t just sing about heartbreak, we sing about how Scott Bakula helped break our hearts. We don’t just sing about obsession, we compare it to King Arthur’s quest for the grail. Stuff like that, we like finding the extraordinary in everyday emotions and then rocking the Hell out of them.

sunspot deadersons
Ben, Mike, and Wendy Lynn of Sunspot in makeup on the set of “The Deadersons” – Photo by Wyatt Elliott

With See You On The Other Side, we’ve learned to (in the words of the Isthmus newspaper), “embrace our weirdness” by diving headfirst into the world of the paranormal by doing an in-depth exploration of the weird and wonderful that we’ve been writing songs about since the beginning.

Telling ghost stories and performing on Bourbon Street in New Orleans
Telling ghost stories and performing on Bourbon Street in New Orleans

While Mike has explored haunted history by writing ghost tours of Madison, Minneapolis, and St. Paul, we are frequently joined by Mike’s sister, Allison Jornlin, from Milwaukee Ghosts (and yes, we sometimes call it the “family business”!)

Mike and Allison Ghosts
Mike and frequent collaborator Allison Jornlin speaking at Wizard World Comic Con about famous Wisconsin hauntings – Photo by Wendy Jean

Where South by Southwest meets Coast to Coast, that’s where you’ll find us. We’re going to discuss the paranormal’s influence on music, art, and celebrity. As musicians and entertainers ourselves who have our own hankering for the Dark Side, we’ll be focusing on all aspects of art, music, movies, spirituality, the weird, and self-discovery.

Mike, Wendy Lynn, and Ben Jaeger performing as Sunspot

A rock band's journey into the afterlife, UFOs, entertainment, and weird science.